5 Fun Spring Activities
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

5 Fun Spring Activities

If you’re ready for spring and looking for something exciting to do, try these 5 fun spring activities. They’re a great way to enjoy spring with those close to you.

A Simple Hike

Getting outdoors is a great way to enjoy spring and the wonderful change in temperature. It’s one of the things we’ve shared in the book 101 Adventure Ideas and Adventurous Things to do, which is a free gift to all AweVenturers.

Still a simple hike can be anything but average. Plan your location well and you can end your hike on a hill that gives you an amazing view of your surroundings. Plan your timing well and you can enjoy all the amazing rebirth from flowers to trees and more.

It’s one of the best of my 5 fun spring activities, but all of them are fun, like a family adventure.

A Family Adventure

Sure you can plan where you want to go and what you want to do, or you can go to a location and wing it. Sometimes the best places are places you haven’t been to before.

You can even use the AweVenture app as a great way to create a scavenger hunt that leads you from place to place. Sign up to become an AweVenturer (it’s free) and you get a great discount on an adventure.

Of course, with 5 fun spring activities as options, it’s just one possibility. You can also do other things as a group.

A Group Activity

There are a lot of great ways to get out and enjoy time together as a group, even without interacting with others outside your group. You can find a park that’s empty and enjoy some games or find a nice field to have a picnic in. You can grab a football or a frisbee and just enjoy some nice leisurely activity, tossing the ball while talking about exciting projects you’re working on.

And just because 3 of these 5 fun spring activities are active, that doesn’t mean they all have to be. Sometimes they can be mental.

A Mental Challenge

If you want to do something a little different, why not enjoy a good mental challenge. For instance, you can do puzzles together, play trivia games, or grab a game like Jackbox Games where you can all enjoy coming up with something crazy and creative.

If you like games, you will love the final of the 5 fun spring activities.

Some Fun Games

Find some games to play together. You can play board games, card games, online games, lawn games, and more.

But it wouldn’t be AweVenture if we didn’t show you how to add a creative twist. Why not do them together? Why not create a game that combines several of your favorite games into one?

Perhaps you play a card game like gin, but every time you have a run or rank match, you have to lay those cards down. In order for it to count, you have to throw a lawn dart or horseshoe. If it counts you get to move a piece on your favorite board game.

It’s up to you the games you create and the fun you have. It’s your adventure, and spring is a great time to find where your adventure will take you.

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