5 Exciting Winter Activities - with a Twist
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

5 Exciting Winter Activities – with a Twist

Looking for something fun to do in the cold weather? Here are 5 exciting winter activities – with a twist.

Build a Hollow Snowman

Everyone enjoys building a snowman. There’s something about rolling out the three giant snowballs and throwing them on top of each other that appeals to even the most seasoned snow artist.

But what if you added a twist? Instead of making the typical snowman, you make a hollow one. How? By building a snowman and applying some hot water.

First, build your snowman. Then, get some hot water and hollow it out. Be sure not to get any of the water on you as it will eventually freeze. You can hollow out the stomach to put things in, hollow out the base to hide snowballs in, or simply create some type of crazy art.

Whatever you do, you are putting a twist on a pastime and making exciting winter activities, like the next one.

Try a Winter 5K

Have you ever run a 5K? It’s not that challenging. It’s about 30 minutes and 3 miles. If you’re not used to running you can try a program like Couch to 5K to get up to speed.

The real question is, have you done one in the winter? Lots of groups have winter runs, including New Years Eve runs. Why not try to join a nice winter run as part of your exciting winter activities?

Do Something Out of Season

Sure you can run in winter, but what about other summer activities like swimming, basketball, or tennis? Winter just seems to take away so many activities.

Or does it?

If you’re looking for 5 exciting winter activities, just add a twist on some summer activities. Your local YMCA will more than likely have indoor activities like an indoor basketball court and pool, and, although you may not be able to play tennis indoors, why not play racquetball? Talk about a twist on tennis!

In fact, so many of the things you love about summer are often available indoors. Why not see what kind of twist you can put on summer this winter?

Explore Your World

Even though we can enjoy exciting activities indoors sometimes the best thing we can do is head outside. Some of the most peaceful times I’ve had have been walking down winter trails, enjoying the beauty and majesty of the freshly fallen snow.

If you want to add a twist, you can bring a sack lunch and take a break on the trail. You can explore nature while you simply sit and soak it in.

Magical Family Fun Time

One of the most exciting winter activities you can come up with is family fun time. Get together to enjoy games and puzzles, but if you get a good snowfall, why not add a twist?

Dim the lights, open the blinds, and watch the snow fall as you play. It will turn an ordinary game into a mystical, magical memory.

Make Your Own Twisty Ideas

You don’t have to stop with these 5 exciting winter activities with a twist. You can add you own. Find any activity you enjoy and come up with ways to make it your own. If you need help coming up with ideas try this great article.

Try these 5 exciting winter activities out or come up with your own. Then have a blast as you find where your adventure will take you.

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