Spring season activities
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

5 Amazing Spring Season Activities

If you are looking to have some fun this Spring, then you will want to check out these 5 amazing Spring season activities!

A Wildflower Hike

Hiking is a great way to enjoy Spring, particularly with those close to you, but one of the best ways to enjoy a hike is to find the right place to do it.

If you are in the U.S. there are a lot of State and National Parks somewhere nearby, in addition to any trails that might be even closer. However, if you want something a little different, do some research. Find a place that may have a spectacular view or springtime blooms. Just do a search for wildflower hikes for one of the best Spring season activities.

Build Something

Sure you can go in the backyard and play games, but why not do something different? Why not build something. You could build a birdhouse, a doghouse, or even get inventive and build a themed jungle gym – all fun Spring season activities.

If you want ideas, just check out this video on building things from our own Safari Jake.


Spring is a great time to head out and help others. There are so many people that need help and so many ways to help which are perfect Spring season activities.

If you want to know how you can help, check out my guide on how to do something good today.

Just Enjoy

Sometimes we get so worked up on how to best enjoy something we don’t bother to just enjoy it. Get outside and have an adventure in your mind as you read a book, or just sit and enjoy the day and have an adventure in reflection.

Taking some time to yourself is one of the most wonderful Spring season activities and a great way to have an easy adventure.

Create Your Own

The best Spring season activity? It’s the one you come up with on your own. Use these ideas as a starting point and think of the ways you could be enjoying Spring. Think of all the things to do in Spring and then come up with your favorite, add some spice, and make it your own.

It’s a great time of year. Now get out there and enjoy it!

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