5 adventurous things to do
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

5 Adventurous Things to Do

If you want to find excitement and adventure, why not try these 5 adventurous things to do?

These ideas are taken from the book 101 Adventure Ideas and Adventurous Things to Do that you can download for free from this site.

The Real Life Matrix

If you’ve ever seen The Matrix, then you know how good life can get. What an awesome movie. The effects, the concept, the…

Sorry, I got distracted.

In the movie where the heroes inject themselves into a computer simulation, they can simply learn something by asking the operator to load it: “I need a pilot program for a B212 helicopter”. A few seconds later it’s done. Of course it’s science fiction, but only in the matter of time. In every other aspect, why not?

There are all kinds of inexpensive and free means to learn just about anything. You can learn film production, cooking, tennis, and space exploration from the greats at Masterclass. You can learn coding, business, fitness, or music from Udemy. You can learn photography, drawing, and social media acumen at Creative Live. And you can learn just about anything in math, science, art, and more at Khan Academy.

You learn whatever you want to. Start your adventure now!

Improve Your Community

Some of the most powerful, rewarding, and fulfilling things you will ever do is in service to others. If you want to live a life that is exciting and thrilling, check out the ways you can help in your local community.

Most communities, even small ones, have some community organizations. There are clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions. There are public groups like your school’s PTA. And there are all kinds of church and benevolence groups. Pick one or two and discover the joy of making a difference. It’s one of the most powerful of these 5 adventurous things to do.

Jump into the Fear

It’s said that the number one fear people have is public speaking. Similarly number two is death. Jerry Seinfeld said that means if you were at a funeral you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy. How crazy is that!

Don’t spend your life wishing it away. Take chances. Jump into the fear. If public speaking scares you, do it! There are clubs like Toastmasters that will help you improve your skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

Does sky diving scare you, but at the same time it has always intrigued you? Perhaps it’s time to look into it. Take a chance. Jump into the fear. It’s the boldest of these 5 adventurous things to do, but may be the most rewarding.

You Belong in a Museum

There are towns that have bottle museums, towing museums, knife museums and more. There are discovery museums, history museums, and even underwater museums. There’s no telling what museums you have around you. (Bonus: A list of 10 crazy museums from National Geographic). 

Why not get out and discover the museums in your area. Catch a slice of history and see what exciting truths you can discover about the world around you. Find fun, kid-centered museums and take them to a world of discovery they won’t soon forget.

After you’re done, you can try the next of these 5 adventurous things to do.

Wild and Crazy Fun

Sometimes the best adventures lie in the absurd. If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to have some fun, go for the bizarre.

When we go to the store and pick out a fun game to play, we often look at the ones that are the most expected. We pick up the games we know or look for games that are familiar. What if instead we looked for the games that seemed the most outlandish? In fact you could make a whole night of it.

Pick up some snacks that seem out of the ordinary (being careful of course to get something that won’t cause any dietary problems). Get some crazy drinking glasses or clean up some old mason jars. Maybe even have a snack bowl filled with fruit loops instead of chips. Find fun ways to turn an ordinary game night into crazy fun.

More Adventure

Want more adventure ideas? If you enjoyed these 5 adventurous things to do, I have many, many more! Simply go to aweventure.com and sign up for my free eBook 101 Adventure Ideas and Adventurous Things to Do. Not only will it give you great ideas, it will help you live a life full of adventure.

When you’re looking for something fun to do or a way to make your life more exciting and fulfilling, simply crack open the book and choose an idea that’s right for you. You can have fun discovering something new as you find where your adventure will take you.

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