3 things every scavenger hunt must have
Adventure Ayana

Adventure Ayana

3 Things Every Scavenger Hunt Must Have

So you have a great idea for your next family outing: you want to create a scavenger hunt the kids will never forget. To make it truly unforgettable, be sure to include these 3 things every scavenger hunt must have.

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The Puzzles

It’s hard to imagine a scavenger hunt without something to solve. Whether it’s a variety of different brain teasers, clues that need answers, or hidden items to find, puzzles are one of the most important things that every scavenger hunt must have.

Coming up with these puzzles – that’s something else altogether.

The best way to come up with the right thing to present is to focus on a theme. For instance, if you use the AweVenture app to create a thrilling scavenger hunt adventure, you begin by selecting a video guide. If you choose the secret agent, all the clues will have a secret agent theme. If you choose the football star, all the clues will be about football.

Whether you use the app to make building a scavenger hunt a snap or you do it yourself, following the theme is easy. Simply choose your theme and then build puzzles, clues, or hidden items that match your theme. (Need help coming up with clues? Try these 7 great treasure hunt questions)

That will set you up for the next thing that every scavenger hunt must have.

The Discoveries

What’s a scavenger hunt without a discovery? After all, when you solve a clue, if it doesn’t let you know what’s next, what’s the point?

Discoveries should always point you to the next puzzle. Often this is done by telling you where the next puzzle is located.

For instance, in The Scavenger Vortex episode of The Big Bang Theory there were a series of items that created a riddle. Each led to a new discovery. In the AweVenture app each time a clue is solved the next location is revealed.

The puzzles are a fun and exciting way to build up the discoveries, which brings us to our last thing that every scavenger hunt must have.

The Rewards

Every good scavenger hunt needs rewards. As much fun as the puzzles and the discoveries are, they are pointless without a reward.

After all, if you solve the clues and find the next location only to end up in an empty building, what fun is that?

Instead, fill the game with rewards. Whether you add something special to collect at each location, or simply make the location the reward, that’s all up to you. Maybe one location is a stop for ice cream and the next location is an arcade. The sky’s the limit.

Whether you’re looking for creative summer ideas, hot day activities, or something fun the whole year round, a scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to spend time with family. The 3 things every scavenger hunt must have are puzzles, discoveries, and rewards. When you plan them right, you make memories that your kids remember for a long time to come.

To make your own exciting scavenger hunt adventure in seconds, download the AweVenture app. It’s a free download and let’s you avoid the hassle of planning a scavenger hunt with a free trial. It’s a snap to put together an unforgettable scavenger hunt with the AweVenture app.

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