3 spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

3 Spontaneous Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

Are you looking for something fun to do that’s out of the ordinary? Do you want to get together with your special someone and have a great time? Here are 3 spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend, and every single one of them is a great way to spend time with someone close to you!

A Different Approach

Most of the things I suggest are built around planning: exciting parties, fun get togethers, unforgettable scavenger hunts and the like.

But today, I’m going to share with you 3 spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend that require next to no planning. Much like the last minute event ideas I shared, these ideas will help you throw something together quickly, almost as quickly as throwing together a scavenger hunt using our AweVenture app.

So get ready for some great ideas you can use to have a wonderful spontaneous adventure with someone very special. Here are 3 spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend starting with something to bring you closer.

An Intimate Walk

One of the easiest things to do with someone you enjoy spending time with is taking a walk. If you’re looking to make your walk more intimate and close then simply find places to walk that bring about the mood you want.

If you want to make the walk about a great conversation then why not simply walk around your neighborhood. It’s a great location to feel comfortable and enjoy learning more about each other.

If you are looking instead to simply walk hand in hand quietly enjoying the sights and sounds, why not head down to your local park?

And if you’re wanting to get out, get moving, and jump into nature, why not head into your local wooded natural trail? Any one of these are a great way to spend some time with someone special, but that’s not all.

I promised you 3 spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend and the next is a great way to do something a little more enchanting.

An Enchanting Afternoon

Sometimes the best times are just sitting back and taking it easy. If you want something a little more enchanting, why not find some time just to sit together and enjoy the time.

Throw together a picnic. It doesn’t have to take planning. Just find some snacks, throw it in a basket, grab a blanket, and go. If the weather is not in your favor, have the picnic in your living room.

Or enjoy a fun game like a board game, card game, or a simple game of “I spy”. What makes it enchanting is not the activity itself, but how much enjoyment and connection you have with it.

Now if you’re looking for romance, the last of the 3 spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend will make for a perfect evening.

A Romantic Evening

If you want to do something spontaneous with someone special, there are a lot of options. One of the most exciting things you can do to a spontaneous date is to add romance to your date. There are several ways you can do it.

Simply go outside and look up at the stars. If the weather is warm, throw a blanket down and lay down and point out what you see.

Or look for live music. There might be any number of events in your area sharing classical, jazz, or simply a person with a guitar that you could catch.

And while you’ve got the local events calendar up in your browser, look for other local events like special showings at the planetarium or special couples activities.

There are all kinds of ways to do something spontaneous with your boyfriend. Try a few and have some fun. See what kind of wonderful romantic adventure you can enjoy.

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