3 fun things to do with your boyfriend at home
Safari Jake

Safari Jake

3 Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend at Home

For those of you who were looking for spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend, we talked about three. But if you have time to plan and are looking to stay in, here are 3 Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend at Home.

Each one is not only fun, but a great way to connect.

A Themed Afternoon

The first of the 3 fun things to do with your boyfriend at home is a themed afternoon. Pick something that you both really enjoy and make it all revolve around a single idea.

Do you like football? You could put on your favorite jerseys and make some football-shaped treats like cookies or Rice-Krispie treats or plant-based options of the same (cookie, Rice-Krispie treats). You could go out for a little catch, watch some sports bloopers, then watch the big game.

Maybe you’re excited about a new medieval movie that’s coming out. You could dress up as characters and talk in olde English. You could visit or drive by local castles (old armories and other large stone-buildings are more common than you might think). You could pick songs that are focused on royalty like Dancing Queen, Two Princesses, Royals, or Duke of Earl. Surprisingly, there are a ton more.

There are so many options to choose from.

A Tournament Extravaganza

If you’re looking for something a little more active, then you will like the second of 3 fun things to do with your boyfriend at home: create a tournament extravaganza.

There are so many ways to challenge each other in a fun day of competition. You can plan out a day with several events. You can focus on more active events like races and sprints, more skill based events like balance and free throws, or mental events like card games and trivia.

You can really make it extra exciting by adding triumphant music, sound effects, and a national anthem with medals at the end.

A Cookathon

If instead you’re looking for something a little more intimate where you’re free to talk and laugh and have fun, then you will really enjoy this last of 3 fun things to do at home with your boyfriend: a cookathon.

Simply plan several great meals, treats, and deserts. They don’t have to be complicated, just something you can do together. You can each work on part of the same recipes or work on different recipes simultaneously.

You can plan treats, snacks or lunches for later in the week, or something even more exciting: you can spend the afternoon putting together a fantastic spread for an evening event where you invite all your friends over. Whether it’s a movie, an event, a game night, or some other get together you will have everything you need for a wonderful night.

Whatever of the 3 fun things to do at home with your boyfriend you choose, you will be ready to have a lot of fun. Now just find the time and have a blast together.

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