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Adventure Ayana

3 Fun Easter Activities

If you want to enjoy Easter and spring time, try having a blast with these 3 fun Easter activities for you and your family.

A Supercharged Easter Egg Hunt

We’re all familiar with the traditional Easter egg hunt. It’s a time-honored tradition that makes everyone think of Easter.

But what if you kept the key part of it, but made it even more exciting?

We have the perfect way to change your egg hunt into a scavenger hunt. Instead of using real eggs, get some plastic eggs. Inside the eggs, hide clues. The clues can be anything you want.

Perhaps you have hidden some candy. Maybe you have a special event or trip planned. You might also have toys hidden. Whichever route you go, an Easter scavenger hunt is a way to take traditional Easter activities and make them more exciting.

Easter Discovery

At the same time, you don’t just have to search for eggs. Another great way to enjoy Easter is to go out for spring time discovery. You can go to a park or the woods and enjoy searching for some of the natural plants and animals that live there.

You can even combine these Easter activities by hiding some special Easter eggs with clues inside wherever you go. They could have the same types of clues as before, or you could provide clues on the types of things to search for. The possibilities are endless.

Traditional Spring Activities with a Twist

There are a lot of ways to enjoy spring. It’s a wonderful time of year where the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. That means that Easter activities can include lots of outdoor fun.

One of the best ways to enjoy Easter is to enjoy traditional spring activities, but add a twist. Take a nice walk around the block together, but bring a list of things to look for. As each person finds them, check them off and offer a prize for a completed list.

Go out back and play some yard games, but reveal a special clue each time a game is completed. Have the clues point to a special surprise which could be an Easter gift, a fun upcoming event for the family, or even just the answer to a riddle.

Easter activities are a great way to enjoy spring. Grab your family. Make some plans, and have a blast. To have more great ideas sent right to your inbox, sign up to be an AweVenturer. It only takes a second, it’s free, and it comes with great rewards including a free book full of great adventure ideas and a great deal on a custom scavenger hunt adventure. Learn more.

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