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People love adventure. They love games. They love challenges. It’s why so many millions of people test their wits in escape rooms, challenge their bodies in adventure racing events, and tackle both in treasure hunts every year.

People spend days and even weeks planning outdoor team building games, group games for kids, fun team games for friends and family, and exciting scavenger hunts.

What if instead of days and weeks to plan an extraordinary event, it took less than 90 seconds?

After all, scavenger hunts are a blast, but who has the time to come up with treasure hunt ideas for adults or active games for kids? Research and planning alone can take hours.

That’s why we created AweVenture, where you can create customizable scavenger-hunt adventures, solving challenges, and having fun with the important people in your life. Whether you’re creating competitive team building games, looking for group games for kids for an upcoming party, or just want some fun games in office on Fridays, AweVenture has you covered.

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Live adventurously

AweVenture is a fun way to turn an ordinary day into an amazing adventure! Create group games for kids quickly and easily.
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In less than 90 seconds, you can create an amazing event, invite friends and family, and customize where your adventure will take you.
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Amazing adventures

Choose a fun-filled adventure led by our virtual adventure guides: competitive for team building games and family for fun team games.

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